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April 23, 2016 Gail Drury


We recently put out the search for some ‘guest bloggers’ to share their insights & spill the beans on their sensory experiences. Today we have our first guest SAM HARLER of wedding planners Ever Ever After  

Here Sam has drawn from his experience preparing for his own upcoming wedding, so check out his tips and advice on scenting your wedding to make it the unforgettable day you deserve. (We think he may have a new career as a scent blogger!)





For many newly engaged couples organising your wedding can be one of the busiest, and often most stressful life events you will ever organise. It is also the most exciting and happiest days of your life, so every decision you make is key to the success of your day.

Wedding season springs and leaps into action every year, luring thousands of brides and grooms into the world of weddings. You not only want it to be a day you will never forget, but you want your guests to remember everything about your day, so take time over your preparations.

Over the last decade weddings have become more lavish and increased in size and cost, with guests receiving the ultimate wedding experience! Weddings are so individual and personal to you both, so no two weddings are ever the same!

For the last year I have been organising my wedding and always knew candles and scents would feature in the day, combining our love of the beautiful and stunning scents available. We knew we wanted to enhance the experience for not only us but our guests too. So by adding a sensory experience to our day, we hope it will make the most wonderful atmosphere for everybody.

Scents will enhance and add a magical ambience to the day and depending on the choice of your wedding flowers, the right scents complement each other perfectly. For instance, a country house wedding with light scents of jasmine and freesia will add a simple, yet classical feel to the day.

Candles will create a visually stunning atmosphere, such as a walkway of candles down an aisle, or candles on each of the wedding breakfast tables. As dusk beings to set in, it will create the a romantic setting for your evening of celebrations with your loved ones. The subtle use of scents within the reception and dining area will also create a warming and memorable experience.

Always ensure you consider the location of your wedding and the time of year when choosing scents, as this is just as important as many of the other decisions you make. The seasons of the year are key to your scent choices, take time to research which scents work well with each other, so as to create the perfect environment for the beautiful memories you will make.

Just like your dress, your ceremony and wedding breakfast - your chosen scent will be remembered by your guests, so choose carefully and create a lasting impact. For a Summer wedding, Summer Citrus is great choice, I recommend Sciliano, with the divine smell of Sicilian limes and basil. For the Winter months, Winter Spice is amazingly festive, with warming tones of orange, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. A true sensual delight!

If you decide to create more of a bespoke scent, mixing different scents can make something very special, which is unique to you both. Be sure that scents are placed in a different location, a scent in the ceremony can differ to one in the dining area and this will create a unique and special memory for you both. Layering the right scents will add that extra special and thoughtful element to your day.

There are many ways in which you can incorporate scents in your special day. You may want to name your tables with the names of your favourite scents or candles. This isn't something I have seen done at many weddings. If you do use scents in your wedding, consider giving the same fragrance as a gift to your guests, as this would be a particularly special memento for them to take away. You may want to personalise them, adding that extra special touch.

Our sense of smell is very powerful and a familiar scent can have you hurtling back to a distinct memory in an instant, filling you with the precise emotion you felt at the time. Make it a day that will be remembered forever!

Sam Harler


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