Creating a Memory

May 25, 2016 Gail Drury

Smell is the most evocative of all our senses and is wired directly to our memory. Our guest blogger Mandi B takes us through how taking some simple steps can result in creating special scented memories.

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The Simple Things In Life.

In a technological world of instant gratification and choice, we are becoming hardwired not to wait for anything. The world wide web, emails and texts are an integral part of our lives. Is technology really making our lives easier? I'm sure when I master the art of using my 40 button TV remote control and unlock the confusing features on my phone I will find things to be more efficient. This may take me a while!

We are forgetting simple pleasures such as the charm of receiving a letter. I fear the day when a posted card becomes a rarity, superseded by the e-card. What has happened to the virtue of patience?

Sensory Overload.

Everywhere we look, we are being bombarded with words. Headlines in newspapers, adverts, unwanted mail on our porch floor and most annoying is the automated telephone call. If you're like me you never get passed the 'This is an important mes ...' without hanging up. I'm sure if we programme a computer with all the adverts we see in 24 hours and ask it to work out what it likes, it would have a melt-down! Our mental filters are really working overtime.

What's In A Letter?

I used to have an American pen-friend and loved writing her letters, it was so therapeutic to focus on my words. The excitement when that blue airmail envelope popped through the front door a month later was tangible.

There are so many reasons why the art of letter writing should remain. It shows we care and are cared for, it proves how thoughtful we can be and how thoughtful others are towards us. They make us happy and make us feel loved. Having something physical to hold is more memorable; it is something to be treasured and kept. 

Stop For A While.

It's so important to take time out of our busy lives. Switch everything off - yes, even your mobile phone! What about giving your senses a rest and immerse them over a candlelit dinner instead? You may feel inspired to write a letter, a short story or even start a diary. Kick start a tradition of 'you - time' by going offline!

Indulge In Reminiscence.

It fascinates me how quickly the world is changing. When I was little I cherished the times when we looked through our holiday photographs, this involved Dad erecting a complicated white screen; my task was to place the slides in the carousel projector. We would always giggle when a slide was put in upside down my mistake! Nowadays I can tell you the moment a friend orders a meal in a restaurant, and a few minutes later I have a photo of the food!

Making A Memory.

The sense of smell is closely linked to the memory, so it's no wonder scents take us back to happy times gone-by.

To create more memories wouldn't it be great to find the perfect scent for 'me-time', 'drinks with the girls', 'the romantic meal' and 'writing that letter'?

2 Steps For Finding The Perfect Scent.

1. Complete your details using this link

2. In good old fashioned style Brown & Drury will send you a scented card. No clever marketing words, just a straight forward card of your chosen fragrance.

Go on, let them help you discover your favourites, I promise they'll make it easy!


Mandi B

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