June 19, 2015 Gail Drury

Sicily, an island of sun, sparking coastlines, vibrancy and intoxicating fragrances … it was just my luck that some months earlier my husband arranged a ‘boys’ sailing trip to Sicily which coincided with half term and suggested we tag on a family holiday … oh, if we must!

I had read up about the island and heard a lot about it from my lovely Sicilian friend Francesca who owns Soru Jewellery (, but what I wasn’t prepared for was how the island was going to be an onslaught on my senses!

As soon as we arrived in Taormina you could really feel the magical atmosphere which surrounds and enchants you, and the heady scents which envelope you at the turn of each cobbled street corner.

Settled high on a hill, Taormina dominates two grand, sweeping bays below and on the southern side you can see the top of Mount Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano,  which was capped with snow during our visit. The panorama offers you a breathtaking, dramatic and memorable view over almost one hundred miles of Mediterranean sea. The town is a beautiful spot with streets filled with chic boutiques, gorgeous medieval churches and a stunning Greek theatre.

The thing that entranced me the most were the scents. Everywhere you go, every corner you turn there are mesmerising  aromas of citrus, herbs and florals. Alleyways lined with orange trees, gardens filled with an abundance of woody rosemary combined with the vibrancy of the floral colours. Its intoxicating!

There's a glamour and style that Sicilian woman have - its an effortless chic which is natural to them, combined with their life and vigor. We were privileged to witness a Sicilian wedding in the main Piazza of Taormina. People watching was never so good! The women oozed glamour, the colours were vibrant, the fragrances they wore unforgettable. Animated chatter and gestures were things films are made of!

Sicily has left a lasting impression on me and I would throughly recommend a visit for atmosphere, charisma and an awakening of the senses.


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