The Art of Scenting your Home

November 05, 2015 Gail Drury

My place to escape...

The bathroom really is your space to enjoy, a space of tranquility where you can lock the door and created your own calming ambiance. It's a room where you can relieve the stresses of the day and leave feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated. When deciding on a scent for this space, its got to be about pure relaxation. Our Zen scent is perfect for this room, its calming patchouli, soft jasmine and warm sandalwood are the ultimate in reassuring warmth. 

And relax...

Living room space has changed so much in recent years, now this room can flow through to other shared spaces such as the kitchen, or dining room. For many of us now, the choice of scent for your living room may have to be considered alongside other rooms in your house. 

My living room is the most used room in the house, its the space where we like to kick back and relax at the end of the day, unwind with a glass of wine, socialise with friends and generally chill. The scent you choose is really dependent on the feel you want to create for this room. I have a Restoration diffuser on the console and also burn the matching candle in the evening, creating a fabulous relaxed vibe - the sweet smokey scent mingles with the warm spices and dark musks and weaves through the room leaving a truly chilled out feel.


And so to bed ...


My bedroom is my haven and at the end of a busy day we all need a good night’s sleep - it is essential to be able to switch off and unwind in a calming atmosphere. Scent can significantly change the feel of a room, so it is important to opt for a soft light fragrance in your bedroom, nothing too strong, to create the perfect environment for sleep. Our 1681 scent with its leathery vanilla base and spicy heart notes of pomegranate and amber will create a warm, elegant atmosphere.


 A hive of activity ...

The kitchen was traditionally a place where only cooking was done, but today it is often the hub of the house where there is a lot of coming and going. We not only cook and eat here but often gather here to chat and often curl up in the snug adjoining the kitchen. There is often an abundance of smells coming from this area, so choosing a scent is important to compliment this space. Giardino is a fabulous uplifting fragrance perfect for a kitchen - the scent of pungent aromatic herbs, crushed tomato leaves and orange zest gives this area a modern twist.

For the ultimate dinner party statement run some flickering Siciliano candles down the centre of your table and weave some ivy around the glasses. The citrus scent sets the perfect note in opulence.


Wonderful images from interior design service. 

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