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October 05, 2017 Gail Drury




You might recognise Cheltenham based designer Dee from her amazing Instagram feed @deecapling which currently has over 69k followers & growing! She also hosts styling your home workshops and is co-founder to UK’s largest interior hashtag with over 125,000 posts #myhomevibe

I first stumbled across her account last year and was awe struck by her imaginative use of combining white woods, vintage and botanicals. I was delighted when we decided to meet up with a collaboration in mind to develop a new home scent for Brown & Drury and would compliment Dee’s interiors.


Dee, how did you get into interior design?

I was interested in interior design at a very early age! As a child, I used to revamp my bedroom at every opportunity and decoupaged an entire wall at the age of 13. I didn’t pursue it as a career though as that wasn’t encouraged in those days but studied it later in life and finally had the time to do something with it once my children were all at school. Posting my work on Instagram was what gave me the real encouragement to go with it.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by the outdoors – I love bring outdoor elements indoors such as wood, plants and foliage.
I also love treating outdoor spaces the same as indoor rooms. I’m mostly inspired by anything that is used in a way that is different from it’s intended purpose but lends itself well.

How would you describe your style?

My style is Scandinavian at heart – I always go for bare wood, whites and greenery but with layers of whatever appeals to me at the time – at the moment I love fusing Scandi with ultra modern furniture.

Is scent important to you in your home?

I’m late to the scented candle party – I always thought they smelled artificial until recently. I love natural scents in the home such as the scent of fresh laundry, fresh flowers or baking bread. I’m not very sophisticated! Tuberose and Blackcurrant are simple scents, but combined with fig they take on much more than the sum of their parts - more than their intended simple purposes.

How do you think fragrance compliments a room?

I now think a good quality scented candle can really add to the mood of a room. And the scents are evocative of the seasons too – 1681 will remind me of the end of winter and the beginning of spring now as that’s when I started burning it. They help you to relax in a room and are a signal to unwind in our house. And a flickering candle, a glass of wine and a good book are bliss to me.

I noticed you had some candles in your bell tent on your recent holiday in France .. was that important to feel at home?

I love to make anywhere I stay feel like a home from home so I tend to take our rugs, cushions, bedding and lighting with us on holiday. Don’t judge me! This year I took candles for the first time too – they’re portable and can add a relaxing vibe wherever you light them – inside or outside and that line is blurred for me.

Describe your love of colours …

As I said before I love neutral colours – white, monochrome and greys. I think they’re the perfect backdrop to any interior design scheme and then you can layer up with colours and textures to your taste. A candle is just another one of those layers now. 

Did that help you decide on the packaging colour for the new scent?

Choosing the packaging colour was easy - grey is timeless, classic, elegant and cool and lets the scent and story of the candle take centre stage. 

We chatted about different names for the new scent, tell me about the final decision ..

We chose the name Montpellier because of it’s links to my home town of Cheltenham. Montpellier is a beautiful regency town in the South of France, not dissimilar to Cheltenham. I love it’s association with effortless French style, beautiful architecture and an understated elegance.

Finally, What advise would you give to budding young interior designers?

I’d advise a budding interior stylist to practice on friends and family for free but treat it as a real professional job. Showcase and portfolio your work in every available forum and make the most of the emerging market for affordable interior design for all, not just as a luxury for a few.

You can follow Dee on Instagram @deecampling

PLUS .. to celebrate the launch of MONTPELLIER you can secure 15% off your order until the end of October with code DEE15

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