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July 06, 2016 Gail Drury

I'm really excited to have SaltyAirSunKissedHair 'guest bloggers' Emma & Ria, (who "have an adoration of all things wonderful") agree to share some musings with me on the blog today. Here, Emma has written an article about her coming of age loves through scent. I think you'll agree that most of us can all relate in some way!





For as long as I can remember I have loved fragrance. Adored it even, pre teen me would stalk department stores collecting fragrance blotters and samples (which were plentiful back then!). I even managed to snag a few dummy bottles of Chanel and Dior fragrances with the help of my mother!! These I would display proudly on my bedroom shelf next to my trusty copies of Harpers And Queens and Vogue, ever the magpie for beautiful things. The memories it can evoke are so personal and vivid…. Opium, my mum,circa 1986 clad in Mondi kissing me goodnight on her way out for dinner. Eau Sauvage, my dad picking us up from school and greeting my brother and I with great big bear hugs. Jean Paul Gaultier, my first proper grown up fragrance at aged 12, takes me back to my childhood bedroom resplendent in copies of smash hits and just seventeen. The list goes on, have a think about your fragrance history. It’s truly a journey! Doesn’t even have to be through perfume itself. The smell of your favourite meal being cooked, your childhood garden or even a certain fabric conditioner! Scent is everywhere.

Fragrance to many is a signature, a way of expressing who they are without saying a word, much like fashion only in a softer, more subtle way. This really got me thinking - how important is fragrance in our everyday lives? 

Shops have caught on to the fact we trigger memory with scent. Blindfolded, I imagine most of us would recognise cosmetic store Lush's heady strong aroma as we strolled past. Likewise Preppy American brand Hollister, they spray their signature fragrance in all their stores, creating a unique sensory experience instantly recognisable to them. 

My mother would always burn candles at home and growing up it would always be a fresh lemony scent for summer and a woody, orange and clove blend at Christmas and through the winter months. A tradition I have adopted for myself, never without a few candles in each room. I did however have a mini break from candles when my son was born, turning instead to diffusers as a safer alternative!!

To me, lighting a candle at the end of a long day signals the start of downtime. A simple ritual but something I find so soothing and candlelight is just so beautiful. How could one not relax when staring into a gentle flickering flame? I always scent the house if guests are coming, hoping to create a welcoming aura as they come inside. If guests are staying the night I will leave a little travel candle on their bedside and light candles in the bathroom if they wish to bathe. I would like to say I do this for myself but in reality I am normally much too exhausted!! But in my fantasy world I would love to! 

Currently I am burning Brown & Drurys Giardino in the kitchen. I love the fact these candles are made soy wax so no nasties. Until recently this is the one room I hadn’t thought to burn them! Sadly due to the fact that I’m an awful chef and spend as least time in there as possible! Thankfully I do a great line in ready meals! Recently I have been trying to cook a little more so have taken to lighting this one as I sip a glass of wine and prepare a simple meal. It’s such a unique scent, very herby, earthy and robust, absolutely perfect for the kitchen! The other one I adore is 1681 pomegranate. Loyal to Jo Malones pomegranate Noir since its launch, its one scent I have never tired of. To me Brown & Drury's 1681 pomegranate is such a versatile scent and suits every room bar the kitchen. It’s warm, fruity and cocooning without being sweet.

Fragrancing your home is a little luxury that can really lift the spirits. Another tip I picked up was to fragrance combine your home scents, choosing two different aromas and lighting together to create your own bespoke ambience! Personally I find anything fig marries wonderfuly with pomegranate and lemony scents work well with florals. And don’t forget to reuse your candle jar, as seen on an Instagram near you!! Fill with makeup brushes, cotton balls, lipglosses…. The possibilities are endless!

Emma x 


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