March 25, 2017 Gail Drury

What heralds the start of spring for you?

I'm excited to welcome back fashion writer and BIG candle lover Kat Farmer to share her favourite spring pick me up!


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Spring. It’s that time of the year. Mother’s Day has different meanings for lots of people but for me (apart from bemoaning the fact that I never get a lie in as there’s always a Rugby Tournament on the Sunday. And with two boys, it means the husband and I have to divide and conquer) it really does herald the start of the new season. 

We can glibly make the most of pretending through Feb and the beginning of March that Spring is on its way (as we still have to defrost the car and throw on layer upon layer as the temperatures struggle to nudge double figures) but come Mother’s Day, it does seem that the tides do turn.

The mornings are lighter, it’s sunnier for more days than it’s not, the ankles can be on show with no fear of frostbite and there is a definite hint of warmth in the air.

For me, it’s also the perfect time for a Spring clean. I would love to say that involved actual cleaning – alas no. What I do mean is heavy coats, hats and gloves can be put away, red wine is swapped for white wine and the wintery, cosy candles are put in the cupboard for September.

Bring on the new lighter, fresher fragrances. I’m going to throw in the term April Showers here. Yes it is warmer, yet it is lighter but there are still rainy days. And there is nothing like a pick me up when you’re sat inside and trying to pretend that you can almost smell Spring whilst it’s pouring with rain.

Well you can. In a candle, that is your very own Spring in a beautifully presented glass jar. Flowers are an absolute necessity too, I love buying daffodils which are the epitome of the start of the new season for me. But they don’t have a scent.

For a room to be filled with the sense of Spring, candles are a must have. As well as a reed diffuser. These are my other must haves in cheating Spring which, living in England, often needs a bit of a helping hand. I have one of these in my hallway all year round (different fragrances though..!).

There is nothing more comforting than coming in from the pouring rain and smelling that light, fresh fragrance which just reminds me of “home”. It’s an instant pick me up on a dreary, supposedly Spring day - the easiest mood lifter there is. My current favourite is Fusion  – sweet lemongrass, heady ginger and nutmeg combined with zesty lemons and limes and hints of refreshing eucalyptus. A clean, invigorating fragrance, evoking memories of a Balinese holiday. Definitely a mood lifter when you walk into the house.

The same goes for my Spring candle of choice which I have in the kitchen and light every morning for breakfast and as soon as I come home in the evening – the Sciliano Citrus candle. Energising lime with the warmth of basil and a hint of patchouli and I’m back in Italy, sitting by Lake Garda, sipping an Aperol Spritz . And yet a familiar comforting reminder that you’re home.

And that’s the great thing about scents. Their ability to take you back to a special place, to a time that you loved and have fabulous memories from whilst wrapping you in familiarity and comfort.

It’s one of the main reasons why I have a candle burning pretty much all the time that I’m in the house. My husband calls them the grown up equivalent of the smelly rubbers his sisters used to collect as children. There is something so pleasing about them, it can completely transform your mood from good to bad with the lighting of a match and the promise of what’s to come. That, and the pop of the cork from the bottles of white wine you have now carefully stocked in the fridge. What with it being Spring and all….!

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Daffodil image courtesy of @nataliejayne_semmens on Instagram

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