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Creating a Memory

May 25, 2016 Gail Drury

Smell is the most evocative of all our senses and is wired directly to our memory. Our guest blogger Mandi B takes us through how taking some simple steps can result in creating special scented memories. Take time out to read & enjoy! Gail     The Simple Things In Life.In a technological world of instant gratification and choice, we are becoming hardwired not to wait for anything. The world wide web, emails and texts are an integral part of our lives. Is technology really making our lives easier? I'm sure when I master the art of using my 40 button...

Unlocking Precious Memories

May 11, 2016 Gail Drury

  Continuing with our 'guest blog' posts, I was lucky enough to be contacted by Mandi B who has written this beautiful blog about how scents can remind you of past events. Please read & enjoy! Gail  How a day volunteering made me realise how truly amazing our senses are. My employer allows its staff one day a year to undertake ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’. In simple terms, you are encouraged to carry out charity work in the community. My initial thought was ‘yay - a day off work’. Little did I know how inspiring this was to be.I chose to...

Scented Love

April 23, 2016 Gail Drury

  We recently put out the search for some ‘guest bloggers’ to share their insights & spill the beans on their sensory experiences. Today we have our first guest SAM HARLER of wedding planners Ever Ever After  Here Sam has drawn from his experience preparing for his own upcoming wedding, so check out his tips and advice on scenting your wedding to make it the unforgettable day you deserve. (We think he may have a new career as a scent blogger!)Enjoy! Gail     For many newly engaged couples organising your wedding can be one of the busiest, and often most...

The Art of Scenting your Home

November 05, 2015 Gail Drury

My place to escape... The bathroom really is your space to enjoy, a space of tranquility where you can lock the door and created your own calming ambiance. It's a room where you can relieve the stresses of the day and leave feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated. When deciding on a scent for this space, its got to be about pure relaxation. Our Zen scent is perfect for this room, its calming patchouli, soft jasmine and warm sandalwood are the ultimate in reassuring warmth.  And relax... Living room space has changed so much in recent years, now this room can...


June 19, 2015 Gail Drury

Sicily, an island of sun, sparking coastlines, vibrancy and intoxicating fragrances … it was just my luck that some months earlier my husband arranged a ‘boys’ sailing trip to Sicily which coincided with half term and suggested we tag on a family holiday … oh, if we must! I had read up about the island and heard a lot about it from my lovely Sicilian friend Francesca who owns Soru Jewellery (, but what I wasn’t prepared for was how the island was going to be an onslaught on my senses! As soon as we arrived in Taormina you could...

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