Fragrance Stories

All of the scents I  have used have been named after particular events or stories that have surrounded my life during the journey of building and developing the Brown & Drury brand.



Tudor & Warwick - Warwickshire is a wonderful county to live. It is steeped in history - from Stratford Upon Avon, the birth place of Shakespeare to Warwick castle with its stately rooms and coats of armour. This heritage inspired me to create these deep and woody scents. Tudor uses the wonderful smokey cedarwood and deep earthy moss, whereas Warwick is a blend of sandalwood and soft leather but with an edge of pepper. Both are part of my ‘Heritage of Warwickshire’ range. 

Fusion - Vietnam is a country known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities. But for me the thing that stood out is the scent of lemongrass which weaves through rooms and restaurants wherever you go. I stayed with my family at the Fusion Maia Da Nang, where they lit a lemongrass candle each evening in your room - a haven of tranquility and clam. This is where I’ve drawn inspiration to create my Fusion scent, including the beautiful pastel coloured decor which I’ve translated on to my Fusion label. 

Winter Spice - When I think of my childhood Christmas in Scotland the first thing that springs to mind is the aroma of the spices and the warming scents that surrounded our home during the festive season. My Mum always made a 'Clootie Dumpling' for Christmas which is a traditional Scottish Pudding made with cinnamon and spices - the recipe was handed down through the family, so there is no definitive ingredients. When it's being made everyone would give it a good skelp – or smack – to make sure it had a nice round shape. Coins would also get stirred in so diners got a piece of their future with their slice of pudding. My Winter Spice scent magically recreates this memory leaving a warming sensation.  

Restoration has a very smokey and woody scent. During the time I was finalising this fragrance my very dear and inspirational friend decided to light a log burning fire in my house and set the chimney on fire - a near disaster, but the name ‘Restoration’ was born.  


1681 is named after a wonderful hotel I stayed in with my family on Lake Annecy. L’Abbaye de Talloires has original hand painted walls in the bedrooms dating back to 1681 of the apostles. As you walk through the rooms there are amazing fragrances reminiscent of the Pomegranate used in my 1681 scent.  


Siciliano is named after the Sicilian limes used in this citrus scent - simple and straightforward!


Giardino - I recently spent some time in Sicily - what an amazing island, full of colour and beauty, heady scents and sunshine. I was inspired to name this scent ‘Giardino' after the pungent aroma of herbs that line the stalls and gardens of this charismatic place.


Zen - as this name suggest it is all about a calming, relaxed atmosphere. Patchouli was one of the original flowers used in traditional fragrant oriental gardens. I indulge in this candle at the end of the day when its time to unwind.




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